me and husband has two different races.. so, everything was different but we are muslim

it’s not been easy as you guys think.. because we need to understand what he eat , behavior or wear and so on that i will not been understood.. hehehe too bad meyh~

i have funny characters but my husband not! he got serious face until someone end up with massage me.. your husband look angry, so i’m leave.. *sigh.. i said no.. me is more “garang” than him.. u have to trust it! *blur

Don’t expect we are happy all times.. because what? We always argue for so many thing.. at the end we smile to each other..sometimes we not be talking for atleast 2days then we try to settle up easily.. ☺️

Yes , his not romantic person.. for me yes.. hehe.. actually he remember about everything.. but he want to be perfect.. if not perfect so he pretend to be ignore.. so actually on my birthday last year.. he tried to fight with me and i get so angry.. clock shown 12midnight and he very sleep well and i was crying..

tomorrow wake up , he up facebook status.. no i don’t want! And we prepared to Kuantan, and celebrating with my FIL together.. conclusion, man never statisfied women heart ❤️ hahaha

but I can’t live without him.. always good in “Doa makan” and teach kakak perfectly? Good in wake up middle of night and do milk to our child ?? Change pampers and everything ..  thank you sayang?

I have no problem if went back to my in law house.. because my husband has no brother.. just my father in law is a boy… but for muslim.. person can’t we get married , it’s our muhrim.. so it’s cloud not be so difficult for me about aurat in house ? Hehe

but actually guys, islam is not difficult, janji you know your batas.. you all yang buat islam nampak really tight and not friendly.. seriously.. don’t judge people easily..learn to respect each other.. ❤️